May 13, 2015

Looking around at other everyday objects, specifically domestic ones like the ladder I think about its basic function and am inspired to imagine it in a fictional context.  Here it stands upright, apparently unsupported – and offers a potential path to heaven. “B Leaf in Heaven” etching &aquatint ©2014


May 7, 2015

As a gardener the idea of a flower that opens at night and follows the moon instead of the sun, sparks my imagination. “B Leaf -Night Sky (chimpanzee)” drawing ©2013



April 23, 2015

I continue to be interested in this vocabulary of things that navigate, exist or point to the sky, or to heaven- such as the slide projectors. Here are more images inspired by the dark sky of the night time world, including the spiraling bud of an elongated moonflower bud and several moth like creatures. “B Leaf in Heaven” etching and aquatint ©2014



April 23, 2015

Slide projectors in space are the perfect image for this project

As self-propelled space vehicles, the slide projectors suggest time travel. As they travel they use their collection of images (memories?) as a guide to illuminate a path into the future.

It gives me pleasure to think of them as potentially living things, moving in a cluster- reacting to each other and following a mysterious mission. Shown here in a detail from the drawing “B Leaf in Heaven (gibbon)” ©2013



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