June 30, 2016

If I from my artists’ book Clean House Clean Mind Anthology ©2002 expresses grief and regret in a poignant list of lamentations. The text offers both details and ambiguity as it acknowledges the deep uneasy vulnerability that forms the background of the ordinary complexity of everyday life and relationships.     

June 22, 2016

From its double scalloped edge (look closely to see that the scallops along the edge of the gloves opening are also scalloped) to its spare elegant palette of surfaces and colors: soft creamy fabric, glossy white tassels on a cool grey background; to the placement of floating the gloves in the center of the composition, MIgiwa Orimo’s Gloves with Tassels (a detail from her installation Adornments: Show to Hide to Show), heightens my awareness of what it feels like to be a being with an interior and exterior existence, what it means to be able to touch and to receive touch and the tension between these qualities. What would wearing these gloves feel like? The tassels attached to each fingertip would accentuate the length of the fingers, especially whe...

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