August 10, 2016

The palette of greenish sepia, yellow, black and white together with the elongated dust storm/cloud/smoke like shapes on 8 arms/spokes that make up the fan structure of my artists’ book August B Fan, reference the heat and dryness that are typical for us at this time of year. Gold also appears in recognition of August’s Roman namesake Julius Caesar. In addition to the language play detailed in my last post, this piece demonstrates a concern with a declining honey bee population (most of the bees are white and all are at the apex of the slightly ominous twisting smoke shapes), once termed Colony Collapse Disorder, which has accelerated since 1999 when the book was made .  


August 3, 2016

From the list of be words in my grandmother’s 1925 New Universal Self-Pronouncing Dictionary, which in itself is a richly descriptive found poem of words we do not often use in our contemporary speech (small sample: becloud, bedevil, bedim, bemoan, beshrew, besot, betwixt),  I selected 8 for my fan shaped artists’ book August B Fan ©1999. Each prefix be is replaced with a drawing of a bee. It is meant to be read aloud: become, behalf, befall, belong, bewail (detail shown here), behold, belove, begone .  


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