May 31, 2017

The concrete finality and implied authority of calling something Last interests me.

Most often we don’t know something is a last- until after it happens, maybe not until well after, because after all – couldn’t it happen again? How do we know for sure, it is a last?

By its nature – death helps to define last. (Don’t worry, I’m still around- this is not the moment when the narration ends with the end of the author)

Inspiration for this artists’ book, LAST ©2002, comes from biblical references to first and last, as well as a dictionary list of lasts- which incudes last ditch, last gospel, last hurrah, last minute, last name, last straw, last supper, last things and last words.

Yes- this is the last connection in my online project Second Sight. I’ve enjoyed going back into my own hi...

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