May 17, 2017

From my series of dress drawings, Blood Dress Glory ©1992, is one of my favorites. An anthem to menstruation, not as an embarrassing nuisance, but as a recognition of the primal glory of blood. When blood leaves your body on this sustained and regular cycle, and yet you are not sick or injured, it is evidence of power- not weakness. . 



December 21, 2016

In this detail from a test drawing c 2008: some of my favorite vocabulary items: a furry oak leaf, human blood pattern, concentric circles, handwritten letters/numbers from a scientific diagram are drawn over a street map of my neighborhood. Also making an appearance- my house, unmoored- to float or to be swept away across the implied movement of the many semi-transparent layers.



April 6, 2016

In 1997 I purchased a German book of blood and bone diseases from the book sale cart in the University of Cincinnati’s Health Science Library. A small square black and white drawing, titled Fig.572 Myelom, with a detailed polka-dot composition caught my eye and I started using it as an overall pattern in my drawings and works on paper, often with a palette of blues, sepia and raw sienna and often as a background layer as shown in this test image. 





January 20, 2016

 A green car (in a detail from a study for my drawing series Soul Go Forth ©2009) moves playfully across a  background pattern drawn from a medical illustration of human blood cells. The rest of the drawing seems too stiff but this little car and its suggestion of driving through blood remains worthwhile.

September 23, 2015

With a title selected from a Safety Education textbook, this drawing, Safety Challenges You ©2000, shows various substances (some recognizable, some imaginary) including human blood cells, a butterfly wing, a green wig of human hair, made into their own sphere or world. Featuring bright almost too bright colors- these spheres together suggest a micro and macro relationship (looking through a microscope and looking through a telescope) at the same time.













July 29, 2015

Finishing up the move into a new studio space, I’m surrounded by unpacked boxes, sawdust, and unfamiliar light. My noise canceling headphones are in one of the boxes under another box that I can’t move yet. The new space is not a living thing but like any interior it has a presence. It seems neutral to me, as I sense it and get used to being inside it. Neutral, tending towards benevolent. This image is a detail of a drawing experiment (Untitled ©2008) with layers that include an animal forelimb (a marmoset I think), a furry oak leaf, a frame house,  a pattern of human blood cells, repeating contour lines  and a street map.  The map is a corner of the Kennedy Heights neighborhood of Cincinnati, which is the location of my home as well as this new studio space.


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