May 25, 2016

This drawing of a thorny edged cursive Dear from the narrative series If You Seek Danger ©2009 makes me think about the importance of this salutation. While it is unclear who this Dear is addressed to, its emphasis is clear because of its size. Dear seems like a word used primarily in writing, and more specifically in writing a letter. It is hard to imagine using it in everyday speech, without irony or sarcasm. Dear in front of your name on a form letter means nothing, maybe less than nothing. ( Dear Occupant...)

Dear handwritten in front of your name, written to you alone, means something.





February 24, 2016

In possible answer to the existential question: Where are you going? here is Danger knows not how to feel  (©2009), from a  narrative series of drawings and text that tells a brief cautionary tale about entering into a relationship with danger called If You Seek Danger.

Built from the repeating phrase danger danger, here is an example of how the text reads:

Imagine you enter a dance with danger. Danger takes the lead.

What is your response to danger? Danger offers a studied innocent charm.

You may think you can trust danger. Danger insists this is so.





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