October 13, 2016

It’s October and the days are growing shorter. In honor of the gathering darkness here is a red bat on the cover of one of my Red Mammals (©2007) artists’ books. Created for my installation Red Animals – two cylindrical structures with 7 tiers each of blind accordion books arranged in circles. Arranged according to evolutionary complexity: Red Insects and Red Invertebrates are at the bottom; Red Fish, Red Reptiles, and Red Amphibians in the middle; and various combinations of Red Mammals (including Red Weasels, Red Rodents, Red Aquatic Mammals) at the top.  



December 23, 2015

Its a few days before Christmas, the days here are short, and I am thinking about you. There can be a certain stillness at this time of year, when its ok to let work concerns slip into the background and its ok to welcome the darkness of the longer nights if only as a backdrop for the warmth and light that I hope touches you. Holiday Value Added ©2004














July 15, 2015

Every summer seems to hit a point when rain stays away and the exposed ground hardens and cracks. This image,of an artists’ book I made in July 1999, is titled

Rain Comes in July, Long Awaited.  That summer was lacking in rainfall  and in July we did not have rain either, despite the wishful thinking of my title.

The text came first. Rain is speaking. It begins I slip in through the gate. I stand in the back yard listening. I look in the window. I am so gentle in the near darkness, you may think I am not here at all.








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