May 17, 2017

From my series of dress drawings, Blood Dress Glory ©1992, is one of my favorites. An anthem to menstruation, not as an embarrassing nuisance, but as a recognition of the primal glory of blood. When blood leaves your body on this sustained and regular cycle, and yet you are not sick or injured, it is evidence of power- not weakness. . 



January 12, 2017

On a spring afternoon in 1992, my 6 year old daughter came up the stairs to my 3rd floor studio as I was finishing this drawing. Neil Young’s song Only Love Can Break Your Heart was playing on the radio. A line from this song captured my attention. I wrote I was always thinking across the top of the drawing, and asked my daughter, as she stood next to the drawing board, What am I always thinking about?. Without hesitation, she answered About me. and then about school and about playing. And so, the full title became: I was Always Thinking (about Aurora and about School and Playing) .



March 9, 2016

From my series of 1992 dress drawings, made with layers of colored pencil on paper, featuring a dress image floating in the center of each composition, comes Easter Dress (for RJK). Dedicated to the incandescent spirit of my mother, Rosemary Jean Kern.





October 7, 2015

Each day now we move deeper into fall. As the lush green world that grew with fierce exuberance (without apparent intelligence or intent) over the spring and summer gradually diminishes, to disappear almost entirely into the ground – by the end of next month- the human world of style and fashion rises to create a new season. I arranged these three drawings into one to create, New Season ©1997, with its vocabulary of a two headed figure, a disembodied dress and a mysterious maturing seedpod or other organic structure – all side by side as if in an instructional manual or high school text book.    












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