April 13, 2016

A small dusky purple (somewhat recognizable) desk chair floats in the center of this ©1983 fabric piece, titled Fence Ladder Bridge, immediately surrounded by a border of fin/leaf/petal shapes and then by painted leaf like shapes, beads, and stiff tubes that protrude from the background. I used a sewing machine to make the tubes but the rest I sewed by hand, preferring the slower speed and greater control of a needle and thread. It grew out from this center. The medium weight muslin I used offered a pleasurable tactile quality in my hands and has lasted surprisingly well. Despite the lengthy making process of hand sewing this piece has a ephemeral feel. Examining it now I enjoy the contrast between the delicate stitches, touches of white satin strips on the pale muslin, scat...

December 3, 2015

After placing eyes as a texture on a number of ambiguous floating fleshy objects in my drawing series Seen and Unseen, I could not resist adding a corresponding texture of ears on the top half of the hourglass shape in this drawing Look and Listen ©2003, now in the collection of the Akron Art Museum.















June 16, 2015

Anything with eyes gradually became things covered in eyes. In this detail from Thy Kingdom Come, ©2005, eyes that are not human eyes appear to cover a mysterious round shape. If this shape came to life floating in our world it would exist apparently without ears, nose, mouth, arms or legs. All it could do is see. Thinking about something that is all-seeing as perhaps lacking in other abilities is interesting to me. This drawing was made for the 2005 exhibition Ideas into Objects: Reinterpreting the Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci at the Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio.  






May 27, 2015

Another floating domestic object- this time a chair. From my 1985 litho series “The Legion of Courage”- the chair is drawn to emphasize its human characteristics. Its back is like a human torso, its seat like a human pelvis and its legs are like limbs. The household objects, irons, fork, plates, etc. around it could be moving towards it in a threatening way or they could be floating with it as benign companions.


The title of the series “The Legion of Courage” comes from the Wizard of Oz classic movie. When the wizard is revealed to be a fake, just an ordinary person, he tells the main characters that what they have been searching for they in fact already possess. The lion, who has been searching for courage, is awarded a lovely large beribboned medal and told “You are now an...

May 20, 2015

Another ladder, this time horizontal and it appears to float in an undefined space.  I was thinking about the sensation of crossing a horizontal hanging bridge – as it sways and feels unstable- possibly without a handrail. This ladder offers no practical way to climb on at either end- so where does it go and what is it for? Detail from “The Legion of Courage - Floating Ladder” lithograph ©1985


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