November 25, 2015

For a long time I avoided using recognizable plant imagery in my work. After a while I began using real and imagined leaves, stems and other plant parts, but not flowers. I struggled with flowers. I was not sure I could interact with flower imagery and bring it the subversion and glory that I felt. Eventually, the flowers just came in, because I can’t resist them. Here is one my first attempts , in a detail from a study for When the Trumpet Calls ©2003.















June 3, 2015

In this drawing, “Seek and You Will Find” © 2003, I used an image of a flower for the first time. For me the search is relentless but I don’t always know what I am searching  for until I find it.


Flowers were on the list of NO – don’t use these – I inherited from my formal education and early introduction to appropriate subject matter for (serious) contemporary art.


Also on the NO list this:

  • An all over, wallpaper like, composition-especially with an intertwining type of patterning

  • the color pink

  • anything overly shiny

  • materials like lace, beads, fabric 




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