November 25, 2015

For a long time I avoided using recognizable plant imagery in my work. After a while I began using real and imagined leaves, stems and other plant parts, but not flowers. I struggled with flowers. I was not sure I could interact with flower imagery and bring it the subversion and glory that I felt. Eventually, the flowers just came in, because I can’t resist them. Here is one my first attempts , in a detail from a study for When the Trumpet Calls ©2003.















November 11, 2015

The first challenge is always that the paper seems so vast and so empty. Sometimes I begin working from an actual study but more often I start with an idea of a series of layers- each layer has its own gesture and shape and has its own way of interacting with the space of the compostion. While I was working on this drawing, When the Trumpet Calls c2003, (shown here as a detail of its upper left corner) a friend came for a studio visit. We talked about my process and how it is highly intuitive. She asked me "How do you know you're not making a mistake?" This surprised me and I realized it was something I did not consciously take into consideration. So my answer was both "I don't know." and "Its not about making mistakes."















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