August 17, 2016

The gessoed pages and gold hand-lettered text of my artists’ book FACTS ©1986, shown here as a detail, come from a Principles of Ecology workbook (circa late 1970s?). I remember searching for facts, statements that seemed to be neutral, free from the author’s/culture’s subjectivity and seemed to express a simple powerful truth. The text pages alternate with drawings of fossilized shells – common in the creek beds of our area of SW Ohio.

The resulting text:

When plants and animals die they decompose.

The daily and seasonal movements of the sun have profound effects on

the activity patterns of animals.

Young trees are always ready to replace dead ones of the same species.  


March 16, 2016

 As you’re reading this it may sound as if I always know exactly what I am doing, what it means, how it connects to past work, what future it leads to.....When  the opposite is true.

I don’t know and making the work while not knowing seems to be important to the process.

Looking back on  this artists' book,  Beauty and Sadness Vol II, ©1987, two categories of images float –across 4 panels. Above a gold outlined elephant ear leaf turns to a new position as it hovers over a series of rosy colored furniture pieces- not unlike a halo .





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