May 10, 2017

The encircling green world draws strength and volume from the recent streak of bountiful rain. Signs of active plant growth had to be searched for just a few months ago. Although not green, Ring ©1994, is inspired by the sudden (almost supernatural) appearance of non-animal life in the ordinary landscape, specifically- the growth of an arc or circle of mushrooms- a Fairy Ring. Here the ring is on either side of a version of the figure 8- an upright infinity symbol- merging the ephemeral with the infinite. 



May 5, 2017

With documentation from another April, my artists’ book Green April ©1998 started as the chapter I made for a collaborative artists’ book project, APRIL 1996. Organized as an edition of 12 by Caryl Herfort, of LaLaLa Press, (Austin Texas) who made wonderful house-shaped boxes to contain 12 chapters, each with one page per month, from participants: Christopher Bruhn, Coco Gordon, Thomas Grace, Caryl Herfort, Adrianne Herman, Claudia Putz, Larry B. Thomas and me. To make Green April I created a  list of botanic terms (from a botanical dictionary)  that referenced human organs, characteristics or body parts and combined a selected term with a journal entry for each day (small concise observations of daily household life/interactions with weather, family and work) against digital...

March 30, 2016

Each morning as I check for signs of germination in the self-watering trays under lights on a timer in my basement, I am struck by the intense focused strength and will to grow contained in a single seed. My ©1991 artists’ book HOPE FEAR considers the ferocious power of growth in the green world of plants and other as yet not understood organisms that surround and out number us – such as viruses. 





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