January 12, 2017

On a spring afternoon in 1992, my 6 year old daughter came up the stairs to my 3rd floor studio as I was finishing this drawing. Neil Young’s song Only Love Can Break Your Heart was playing on the radio. A line from this song captured my attention. I wrote I was always thinking across the top of the drawing, and asked my daughter, as she stood next to the drawing board, What am I always thinking about?. Without hesitation, she answered About me. and then about school and about playing. And so, the full title became: I was Always Thinking (about Aurora and about School and Playing) .



September 2, 2015

From a one of kind artists’ book, March 1996 (copyright 1997),that folds like a road map and opens into one flat sheet, this detail of an upright human figure with an unexplained non-human head  floats within a concrete grid pattern. Its about the kind of thinking and sensing that does not use words and cannot answer questions .













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