December 21, 2016

In this detail from a test drawing c 2008: some of my favorite vocabulary items: a furry oak leaf, human blood pattern, concentric circles, handwritten letters/numbers from a scientific diagram are drawn over a street map of my neighborhood. Also making an appearance- my house, unmoored- to float or to be swept away across the implied movement of the many semi-transparent layers.



May 11, 2016

"Once there was a row of houses on the right side as you drive down the hill." So begins the text in my artists' book In Your Community copyright 1997. This text is a description of a row of small neat houses and an empty lot/green space that I drove past everyday and the sequence of their destruction and replacement with a Walmart. I used the pages of a paperback workbook for adult community education cut into thirds as the book's structure. In Your Community was the title of a chapter in this workbook. Other chapter titles: In Your Family and In Your State also became artists' books. The Walmart has come and gone, leaving a building behind that struggles to find a useful purpose in our community.





April 20, 2016

Inspired by the compelling world of ads with their siren song promises of hope and eternal renewal that we want to believe despite ourselves, here is a page from my artists’ book Clean House Clean Mind: a Guide to Psychological Cleaning ©1988.The drawings were made with black drawing ink, applied with a brush, over a pencil layer on Arches paper. Descriptions of other imagined household cleaning implements include: a scrub pad that Scours away guilt, a small net that Traps free floating anxieties and (my favorite) a bottle of cleaning fluid that Denies the existence of dirt.   





October 28, 2015

Mr Pumpkinhead ©2001 arrives with a blue, grey, black and white palette this week of Halloween. With their leaves down, the moon, and soon, Orion, will be easily visible between the branches of the front maples.  


October 21, 2015

Just before the end of October as the two mature sugar maples in my front yard release their yellow leaves and the night comes earlier and earlier, temperatures are often mild, creating an opportunity to experience the deepening world of dusk without the cold that is on its way. This image, Twixt ©1999 part of my series Twilight Drawings, presents possible Halloween celebrants with my neighbor’s house in the background.  













August 26, 2015

The faces and upright postures of these two rabbits were inspired by the illustrations in a story in a 1949 reading book, Come Along, showing two human children dressing as twin rabbits to attend a costume party. In my drawing, Come Along: young suburban rabbits at dusk © 2003, I was interested in placing these ambiguous characters in a luridly lit evening landscape, against a backdrop of overly large McMansion type American subdivision houses. Drawing the shadow of the plant material along the driveway was an especially engaging task- offering challenge to both my bossy analytic brain and my mute brain that responds to emptiness.













July 29, 2015

Finishing up the move into a new studio space, I’m surrounded by unpacked boxes, sawdust, and unfamiliar light. My noise canceling headphones are in one of the boxes under another box that I can’t move yet. The new space is not a living thing but like any interior it has a presence. It seems neutral to me, as I sense it and get used to being inside it. Neutral, tending towards benevolent. This image is a detail of a drawing experiment (Untitled ©2008) with layers that include an animal forelimb (a marmoset I think), a furry oak leaf, a frame house,  a pattern of human blood cells, repeating contour lines  and a street map.  The map is a corner of the Kennedy Heights neighborhood of Cincinnati, which is the location of my home as well as this new studio space.


July 8, 2015

Thinking about rain, saying yes to rain and welcoming it, realizing it will do what it wants.

In this drawing I was interested in playing with how to draw rain. The house is a version of my house.







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