July 6, 2016

F8 ©2011 offers both specific details and ambiguity with a hairy segmented (caterpillar like) letter F overlapping a large number 8 and in-between a blue black and sepia land and cloud scape with a lone building, a shelter of some kind, maybe a small isolated house, in a vast open environment. The title (fate), the sideways figure 8 floating above the clouds and a composition that points our gaze to the horizon across a distance all suggest the experience of considering the future and what it may hold.     

August 19, 2015

The bossy side of my brain compulsively fills all blank spaces, quietness, and awareness of not-knowing with incessant chatter. It must have a specific task or it will not shut up. Putting it to work through the act of drawing gives it a focus and allows me to enter the blank without trying to fill it. Just enter and try something out. Feeling the sensation of drifting without anxiety.  Coming back to this drawing study, Hairy Headed Flower Landscape ©2001, I’m thinking about the possibilities of creating an overall visual context or setting in which my work of the past 30 years might exist and wondering could it be a landscape?














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