May 31, 2017

The concrete finality and implied authority of calling something Last interests me.

Most often we don’t know something is a last- until after it happens, maybe not until well after, because after all – couldn’t it happen again? How do we know for sure, it is a last?

By its nature – death helps to define last. (Don’t worry, I’m still around- this is not the moment when the narration ends with the end of the author)

Inspiration for this artists’ book, LAST ©2002, comes from biblical references to first and last, as well as a dictionary list of lasts- which incudes last ditch, last gospel, last hurrah, last minute, last name, last straw, last supper, last things and last words.

Yes- this is the last connection in my online project Second Sight. I’ve enjoyed going back into my own hi...

June 1, 2016

You is personal and universal at the same time. Everyone is a you and each you is unique. In this detail from a drawing in my You Can You Cannot series ©2003, the pencil drawing under the ink layer is clearly visible.





January 27, 2016

 The two cursive Rs in this small artists’ book, Are, part of my series Vocabulary Books, were inspired by a rhinestone studded broach owned by my Grandma Rose. I was thinking about how the name of the letter R – her first initial, sounds the same as the word are, in 1986 after her death. Are, an ordinary word that we use all the time without much thought and yet it has an important elemental meaning- to exist, to live, to be.




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SECOND SIGHT is a 24 month project to revisit, reconnect, and share 30+ years of my own studio work (drawing, works on paper, artists books, installations) and featuring work, ephemera and  projects of other artists that have enriched my personal and working life over this time period.


Via weekly posts that move forward by linking some aspect of the previous post to the current one and using tags as a creative way to search the ongoing entries – Second Sight will grow into an alternative archive.


I invite you to join me at any and all points during this probably odd but hopefully compelling voyage.

Finding Connections in a Drawn World

KATE KERN  Visual Artist