March 15, 2017

From Robin Crozier’s MEMO random project here is a poignant slice of life, dated March 1, 1991, from Shelia Hooligan, who describes her day on February 3, 1991: “A day of small animals, of cold fingers, of a thin winter sun and thinking about the novel I’ve just finished and whether it’s any good.” What a feeling of immediate connection to receive this in the mail. It has some similarities to a Facebook experience, if a Facebook post came handwritten in cursive on actual paper with a snapshot of a pygmy goat jumping through the hen house roof taped to it.

I couldn’t find a specific link to Sheila’s work, other than a listing of might be her name as an author in Index to Female Writers in science Fiction, Fantasy and Utopia: 18th Century to the Present

September 7, 2016

This detail from my artists’ book, World Without End, ©1987, features a roughly drawn ladder with legs that stop unevenly close to the bottom edge of the page. It’s unclear if this ladder balances somehow on a surface or of it simply floats in its soft pink pearlescent background. To me the image of a ladder suggests the ability to climb up, to ascend, and in my vocabulary it has come to mean the ascension that is journey of a human life, with all of its unknowns. You can’t see what is at the top, even though you know eventually you will reach the last rung. The idea that something could exist outside of this journey, outside of time as we understand it, with no beginning and no end, continues to spark my imagination.



February 10, 2016

Red (life force of blood) pink (tenderness) and white (innocence) sequins, beads, and threads adorn IF an artists book completed on February 14, 1989 to mark Valentine’s Day. When open its three pages form a structure reminiscent of a frame for three portraits. Each of IF’s pages contain a drawn imaginary archway - not a specific portrait. This was the month before my son was born and I was thinking about if and openings in terms of creating a welcoming physical, emotional and psychic space for a new and unknown life.




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