September 16, 2015

Awkwardly rooted in the ground, or at least in the bottom edge of the paper, the number one stands covered in bark at the vertical center of this drawing, Lucky One (Luck E1)©2011. Something about the e’s scale, position and how it fits into a circle reminds me now of the Department of Defense Fallout Shelter symbol. I remember it as a common but mysterious graphic black and yellow sign marking the entrances to public buildings during my childhood in the 1960s. The rest of the composition is visible behind the e, but as the e appears to be the top layer, it marks everything behind and beyond it. The e also subtly divides the drawing horizontally into a dark sky/space top and a turquoise blue water bottom. Playing with echoes of the biblical trees of life and knowledge, a reco...

April 23, 2015

Slide projectors in space are the perfect image for this project

As self-propelled space vehicles, the slide projectors suggest time travel. As they travel they use their collection of images (memories?) as a guide to illuminate a path into the future.

It gives me pleasure to think of them as potentially living things, moving in a cluster- reacting to each other and following a mysterious mission. Shown here in a detail from the drawing “B Leaf in Heaven (gibbon)” ©2013



April 15, 2015

I started thinking about slide projectors while working on a series of drawings (The Night is Dark and the House is Dark ©2011) that followed an imaginary night time sequence through an older frame house (loosely based on my own house) and out a second story window into the night sky. Points of light in the sky turn out to be slide projectors in outer space.



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