August 5, 2015

Like many of my drawings this drawing has a layered structure. You can see the order in which the layers were applied. The first layers are visible through the layers applied later or on top. There is an implication of time passing through this sequencing and also of time standing still as the layers appear to all exist in the same place at the same time.   When I work like this I am thinking about the composition as if it was a kind of snapshot of what my conscious mind feels like. Layers of memory, conscious thought, dream images/patterns, alert messages from emotions and/or senses come and go, sometimes in juxtaposition, sometimes one interrupts others, sometimes one creeps in unbidden or begins to morph mysteriously. All exist as part of the same whole.










July 29, 2015

Finishing up the move into a new studio space, I’m surrounded by unpacked boxes, sawdust, and unfamiliar light. My noise canceling headphones are in one of the boxes under another box that I can’t move yet. The new space is not a living thing but like any interior it has a presence. It seems neutral to me, as I sense it and get used to being inside it. Neutral, tending towards benevolent. This image is a detail of a drawing experiment (Untitled ©2008) with layers that include an animal forelimb (a marmoset I think), a furry oak leaf, a frame house,  a pattern of human blood cells, repeating contour lines  and a street map.  The map is a corner of the Kennedy Heights neighborhood of Cincinnati, which is the location of my home as well as this new studio space.


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