February 3, 2017

As I glued the glossy rayon threads around each of these ovals – that make up my piece Tree of Knowledge ©2010- I thought of the dark red fringe around the Blessed Heart medals in the desk drawer of my second-grade teacher, Sister John Rochelle. I don’t remember why I was standing there as she opened the drawer, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to provide me with what turned out to be an indelible vision of neatly arranged objects of desire- all possible rewards for goodness in the classroom (I think). Most interesting to me now – is the power of that attraction and the sense that I felt it as a call, as if the object was calling to me.


September 16, 2015

Awkwardly rooted in the ground, or at least in the bottom edge of the paper, the number one stands covered in bark at the vertical center of this drawing, Lucky One (Luck E1)©2011. Something about the e’s scale, position and how it fits into a circle reminds me now of the Department of Defense Fallout Shelter symbol. I remember it as a common but mysterious graphic black and yellow sign marking the entrances to public buildings during my childhood in the 1960s. The rest of the composition is visible behind the e, but as the e appears to be the top layer, it marks everything behind and beyond it. The e also subtly divides the drawing horizontally into a dark sky/space top and a turquoise blue water bottom. Playing with echoes of the biblical trees of life and knowledge, a reco...

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SECOND SIGHT is a 24 month project to revisit, reconnect, and share 30+ years of my own studio work (drawing, works on paper, artists books, installations) and featuring work, ephemera and  projects of other artists that have enriched my personal and working life over this time period.


Via weekly posts that move forward by linking some aspect of the previous post to the current one and using tags as a creative way to search the ongoing entries – Second Sight will grow into an alternative archive.


I invite you to join me at any and all points during this probably odd but hopefully compelling voyage.

Finding Connections in a Drawn World

KATE KERN  Visual Artist