July 15, 2015

Every summer seems to hit a point when rain stays away and the exposed ground hardens and cracks. This image,of an artists’ book I made in July 1999, is titled

Rain Comes in July, Long Awaited.  That summer was lacking in rainfall  and in July we did not have rain either, despite the wishful thinking of my title.

The text came first. Rain is speaking. It begins I slip in through the gate. I stand in the back yard listening. I look in the window. I am so gentle in the near darkness, you may think I am not here at all.








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SECOND SIGHT is a 24 month project to revisit, reconnect, and share 30+ years of my own studio work (drawing, works on paper, artists books, installations) and featuring work, ephemera and  projects of other artists that have enriched my personal and working life over this time period.


Via weekly posts that move forward by linking some aspect of the previous post to the current one and using tags as a creative way to search the ongoing entries – Second Sight will grow into an alternative archive.


I invite you to join me at any and all points during this probably odd but hopefully compelling voyage.

Finding Connections in a Drawn World

KATE KERN  Visual Artist