May 24, 2017

 ASK ©1990, brings together themes I return to again and again. Part of sensing the impossible beauty of the world (that stops you in your tracks with its extravagance) and responding with an intensity of feeling is the recognition that all of our human experiences are ephemeral. Everything that you or I experience- from the soft evening breeze ruffling the elm leaves and lightly touching our skin to the deep friendship we develop with another person – all of this will end for each of us.A narrative about this is featured in the 3 artists’ books of this installation.

Sample of text from

First Book (A):

Old friend,

oldest friend,

It was you I looked for,

running home.

Shadow of a plane

passes over me.

Patch of dark glides away,

over sparkling white sidewalk squares.

It was you,

I played a...

October 5, 2016

Occasionally an idea comes to me fully formed, but usually- as with this drawing, Remain c1999, and its companion Under- I start by following a gut feeling, bringing a single image to life and then listening to what it wants to do. Allowing this to happen means disarming the know-it-all verbal side of my brain and/or waiting to see what it says NO to and then going there.  



July 20, 2016

With text from another July, here is a detail from Attract Year-Round Beauty- June-July 1998 (©1998). A grid of cursive journal entries, written in pencil, marked by rows of rubber stamped numbers, is thickly overlaid with undulating worm like/necklace like images, punctuated with what might be billowing smoke or clouds. When I started this series of 40 x 26” drawings I thought the drawn images would remain at the edges of the journal entries. As I worked on them I realized that this was not the case. The overlapping imagery gradually overtook the grid and the text to become the dominant feature. 


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SECOND SIGHT is a 24 month project to revisit, reconnect, and share 30+ years of my own studio work (drawing, works on paper, artists books, installations) and featuring work, ephemera and  projects of other artists that have enriched my personal and working life over this time period.


Via weekly posts that move forward by linking some aspect of the previous post to the current one and using tags as a creative way to search the ongoing entries – Second Sight will grow into an alternative archive.


I invite you to join me at any and all points during this probably odd but hopefully compelling voyage.

Finding Connections in a Drawn World

KATE KERN  Visual Artist