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Thirty-seventh Connection: Coiling and Uncoiling

While looking forward to see the oncoming new year and glancing backwards at the old year receding, here is a detail from my artists’ book Janus ©1999. It features a series of 2 headed creatures- heads and shoulders only- drawn with ink and a brush over a pencil drawing on grey toned Arches paper, alternating with a black and white series of drawings of coiling and uncoiling worm like patterns on white Arches. I used the accordion structure as well as the imagery that continues in alternation across its surface to enhance and reflect on what it means to experience time. A day passes, a month, a year- we live in this pattern that repeats but is not exactly the same. In this pattern of beginnings and endings, often the transitions are too transitory for us to notice but sometimes the experience slows down and we are aware of passing through a doorway.


Finding Connections in a Drawn World
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