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Ordinary Time

September 28 - November 2, 2017

Radial Gallery 

Department of Art and Design

University of Dayton

Dayton, Ohio

New installations and selected works on paper by Kate Kern.

Curated by Jayne Matlack Whitaker, UD Associate Professor of Art and Design.

This exhibition of new installations and selected works on paper is about the layered experience of temporal beauty, anxiety and loss in every day human life. 


Referencing the Ordinary Time (the time between seasons such as Advent and Lent) of the Catholic church calendar I grew up immersed in, it is also my quietly subversive reaction to this system of belief and all systems of knowledge and culture that surround (and shape) me.

Ordinary Time
Into Ordinary Time
Soul Go Forth
Ordinary Time
Through Second Sight
Traveling Guest Guidebook
Into Ordinary Time

Photographs by Nicholas Arnold for the University of Dayton unless otherwise noted.

Here: a B on a leaf becomes belief, human eyes on mysterious blue butterflies guide you through an archway of second sight, images of scissors and other small household objects float- dwarfed in a field of microscopic creatures, and the lyrics from hymnals are collected and resorted to create new texts.


I am delighted to share this with you. Please note that several of the installations contain elements that are meant to be handled. You can sit on the Traveling Guest Guide Book stool, open any one of the five drawers and page through the cards inside. Each of the ASK books are meant to be paged through and read. Start at A to read the narrative in order.


A big thank you to Jayne Matlack Whitaker, University of Dayton Associate Professor of Art and Design, for curating this exhibition and to Michael Conlon, University of Dayton Radial Gallery Coordinator, for overseeing its installation.

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