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Interviews & Reviews

"Calling" by Kate Kern at the Weston Art Gallery

Review in aeqai by Susan Byrnes, Aeqai, 2017

Seeing is (Maybe) Believing at Weston Gallery

Review by Kathy Schwartz, City Beat, 2017

Kate Kern's "Ordinary Time" Exhibition Reception at Radial Gallery in Dayton

City Beat Staff Picks, 2017


Kate Kern's Floating World

Interview with Susan Byrnes, Aeqai, 2016

Drawing on Second Sight | Lindner Gallery, Kennedy Heights Art Center

Review in aeqai by Karen S. Chambers, Aeqai, 2016


Interview with Jane Durrell

WVXU, Around Cincinnati, 2015

Clay Street Press: Cincinnati Portfolio I-IV at the Carnegie

Review in aeqai by Kevin Ott, Aeqai, 2014

Wounded Home | Tides of War Touch Home

Review in Cincinnati City Beat by Jane Durrell August 14, 2013


Wounded Home, Lloyd Library and Museum

Review in aeqai by Karen Chambers, July/August 2013

Art: Kate Kern and Jim Wainscott at Aisle Gallery

Review in Cincinnati City Beat by Matt Morris,  June 15, 2010

Alternative Field Guide

Review in Cincinnati City Beat by Tamera Muente, November 19, 2008

Decoding da Vinci D Dominick Lombardi on updating a Master

Review in NY Arts July/Aug 2005

see review

Book Artists + Library = Rare Exhibition

Review in Cincinnati Fiftyplus! by Jane Durrell, January 2004

see review

Insomnia: Landscape of the Night

National Museum of Women in the Arts Press Release from digital archive:


Insomniac Artists Explore Night Terrain

Review in JAMA by Lynne Lamberg, May 7, 2003

How an Artist Makes a Book

Library’s display tells story of Kate Kern’s one-of-a-kind works

Review in Cincinnati Enquirer by Marilyn Bauer, May 2002

see review


Artist's Book Beat

Review in Art on Paper by Nancy Princenthal, December 2000

see review

Paper Routes 2000 | Southern Ohio Museum

recap in dialogue: voicing the arts by Cate O'Hara, May/June 2000

see review

Artist's Book Beat

Review in On Paper by Nancy Princenthal, March/April 1998

see review

Instructions: Watch for the Unnatural by Kate Kern

Reviewed in Umbrella, October 1997

see review

Publishers & Collections

Sara Ranchouse Publishing


Manifest International Drawing Annual 6 | Exhibition in print

March 1994 in Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection

Cincinnati Portfolio IV | Clay Street Press


Links to Other Exhibitions​ & Projects

Attract Year-Round Beauty | Weston Art Gallery, 1999

CALLING | Weston Art Gallery, 2017


Second Sight online project, 2015-2017 

Wounded Home Catalog | Lloyd Library and Museum, 2014

Essence of a Thing | Weston Art Gallery, 2007

Always and Everywhere Drawings and installation | Springfield Museum of Art, 2007


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2010 - present

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