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Experience my drawn world

Deep See: A Collaborative Installation At Dayton Art Institute

April 2016

As Yeck Artist in Residence at the Dayton Institute of Art, Kate Kern worked with over 100 participants of all ages to produce this immersive collaborative installation. Kate and assistant artist Jess Williams worked with two core groups of Dayton Public School students and teachers, from Valerie Pre-K and Cleveland Pre-K Schools for more than 5 weeks to create the drawings and images on the walls and floor of the installation. Families, individuals, and school groups came in for one-time workshops to build elements of  "Eye Chandeliers" suspended from the ceiling.


Read Kate's Interview with Susan Byrnes in Aqai online journal.

Nature Appreciation Pie Chart

Seen in "The Undesirables" January 19-March 23, 2016

Paul Robeson Gallery

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey


The Undesirables is a group exhibition of work considering the uninvited creatures we share our homes with.

Radio Interview with Jane Durell

WVXU Around Cincinnati

September 11, 2015


Listen to the interview about the blog project Second Sight.

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