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Sixth Connection: Joining the Legion of Courage

Another floating domestic object- this time a chair. From my 1985 litho series “The Legion of Courage”- the chair is drawn to emphasize its human characteristics. Its back is like a human torso, its seat like a human pelvis and its legs are like limbs. The household objects, irons, fork, plates, etc. around it could be moving towards it in a threatening way or they could be floating with it as benign companions.

The title of the series “The Legion of Courage” comes from the Wizard of Oz classic movie. When the wizard is revealed to be a fake, just an ordinary person, he tells the main characters that what they have been searching for they in fact already possess. The lion, who has been searching for courage, is awarded a lovely large beribboned medal and told “You are now an official member of The Legion of Courage.” This theme- that what you are driven to find you probably already have – is a constant for me.

Finding Connections in a Drawn World
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