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One Hundred and Third Connection: Impossible beauty

ASK ©1990, brings together themes I return to again and again. Part of sensing the impossible beauty of the world (that stops you in your tracks with its extravagance) and responding with an intensity of feeling is the recognition that all of our human experiences are ephemeral. Everything that you or I experience- from the soft evening breeze ruffling the elm leaves and lightly touching our skin to the deep friendship we develop with another person – all of this will end for each of us.A narrative about this is featured in the 3 artists’ books of this installation.

Sample of text from

First Book (A):

Old friend,

oldest friend,

It was you I looked for,

running home.

Shadow of a plane

passes over me.

Patch of dark glides away,

over sparkling white sidewalk squares.

It was you,

I played a game,

pretending you would be there.

Waiting to surprise me.

So I look for you.

Finding Connections in a Drawn World
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