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Ninety-sixth Connection: Pink vinyl interior

One sunny afternoon in 1996 my daughter and I waited for a bus, leaning against the side of a brick building in downtown Cincinnati. We waited not just for the next bus in a particular route but for one bus in particular: Jill Rowinski’s Metro Project bus. The bus came and we boarded, greeted by an amazing interior of pink vinyl slipcovers, complete with a ruffle along the bottom edges, covering all the seats and the same lovely pink (Pepto-Bismol pink) vinyl made into custom ruffle curtains framing the windows. We missed Jill herself riding the bus, wearing a matching pink vinyl apron and handing out pink frosted cupcakes to bus riders, but we rode in fine style none the less. For a description of another installation of Jill’s: Make Yourself at Home from the group exhibition Away from Home, organized by the Wexner Center for the Arts in 2003:


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