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Ninety-fifth Connection: A day of small animals

From Robin Crozier’s MEMO random project here is a poignant slice of life, dated March 1, 1991, from Shelia Hooligan, who describes her day on February 3, 1991: “A day of small animals, of cold fingers, of a thin winter sun and thinking about the novel I’ve just finished and whether it’s any good.” What a feeling of immediate connection to receive this in the mail. It has some similarities to a Facebook experience, if a Facebook post came handwritten in cursive on actual paper with a snapshot of a pygmy goat jumping through the hen house roof taped to it.

I couldn’t find a specific link to Sheila’s work, other than a listing of might be her name as an author in Index to Female Writers in science Fiction, Fantasy and Utopia: 18th Century to the Present . .

Finding Connections in a Drawn World
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