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Eleventh Connection: From No to Yes

Yes to the exuberance of working with other artists- of being in the supporting cast of another artist’s vision when its all about taking on things that are outside of your area of expertise, in a group, in public. My singing range is limited but I was an enthusiastic member of Joe Banish’s Universal Questions of Existence Chorale in Detroit in 1982-83. Other chorale members included Vincent A. Carducci, Patricia Dorsey, Maurice Greenia, Judy Harwig, Rod Harwig, Catherine Lear and Mary Sobiechoski, with Alex Wilson on conga drums. Shown here performing The Questions Cantata at the P.A.V.E. show About Time in March 1983 at the Detroit Focus Gallery, under the direction of Joe Banish as Art Bijutsu. (photo by Dorothy Manty) Participating in projects with other artists continues to be an important source of energy, inspiration and artistic muscle building for me. For info on Joe's more recent work:

Finding Connections in a Drawn World
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