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Twenty-first Connection: Fragility and Strength of Human Arms

The anger and helplessness I felt at the possibility of a nuclear war between the United States and the USSR fueled by the Reagan administration’s military strategy of increasing our stockpiles of nuclear weapons (arms) seemed to transform into compassion as I worked on this early installation. Remind Remain (1983) shown here at C.A.G.E., Cincinnati Artists Group Effort in Cincinnati, OH as part of the ARMS Show, (May 1984- a group invitational with Kathie Johnson, Diane Kruer, Leo Rava and Brian Reverman and me) features human arms crossed in a protective gesture in its Arms Gate centerpiece. The hanging and standing pieces around the gate are made with acrylic paint and oil pastels on hand and machine sewn heavy textured silk, muslin and a variety of other fabrics. The hanging pieces reference things that fly in the air – living things as well as things made by people: could be hats or bits of litter or kites on a string. The upright stance of the standing pieces is a reminder of the upright posture of human beings as well as plants that are rooted in the ground.

Finding Connections in a Drawn World
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