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Fifty-first Connection: Somewhat recognizable

A small dusky purple (somewhat recognizable) desk chair floats in the center of this ©1983 fabric piece, titled Fence Ladder Bridge, immediately surrounded by a border of fin/leaf/petal shapes and then by painted leaf like shapes, beads, and stiff tubes that protrude from the background. I used a sewing machine to make the tubes but the rest I sewed by hand, preferring the slower speed and greater control of a needle and thread. It grew out from this center. The medium weight muslin I used offered a pleasurable tactile quality in my hands and has lasted surprisingly well. Despite the lengthy making process of hand sewing this piece has a ephemeral feel. Examining it now I enjoy the contrast between the delicate stitches, touches of white satin strips on the pale muslin, scattered black seed beads and the unexpected fabric cylinders sticking out in their slightly droopy way.

Finding Connections in a Drawn World
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