February 26, 2017

In the category of learning something unexpected, here is an interactive site specific installation I made for a printmaking exhibition at the Detroit Focus Gallery (Detroit, Michigan) in 1983. The piece began with a grid of red numbers stenciled on the wall. Under each number was a small collage, made from fragments of drawings and shiny things left over from other projects- often these fragments were hand sewn together, threads left to hang- with an emphasis on the layers and edges.The red numbers corresponded to the dates that the exhibition was open. On a small table placed below the grid was a pile of pre –addressed, postage paid, business envelopes. These envelopes came in the mail with various unwanted Direct Mail offers for credit card applications, life insurance, ma...

February 15, 2017

From a series of three artists’ books all titled Ohio Marriages ©1999, here is a version covered with eyes, that opens as two sides from the front. The pages are cut from photocopied and enlarged segments of a reference book in the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (Cincinnati, OH) that lists details; including names, dates and places, of weddings in Ohio circa mid 1800’s. 


February 3, 2017

As I glued the glossy rayon threads around each of these ovals – that make up my piece Tree of Knowledge ©2010- I thought of the dark red fringe around the Blessed Heart medals in the desk drawer of my second-grade teacher, Sister John Rochelle. I don’t remember why I was standing there as she opened the drawer, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to provide me with what turned out to be an indelible vision of neatly arranged objects of desire- all possible rewards for goodness in the classroom (I think). Most interesting to me now – is the power of that attraction and the sense that I felt it as a call, as if the object was calling to me.


January 26, 2017

The way I work generates a certain amount of material, usually some form of drawing media on paper, that does not end up being used in the initial project. Sometimes this is because the only way to test an idea out is to start working with it and see where it wants to go. Where it wants to go may not fit this time but could end up being the starting point for something else or just what is needed to combine with something in the future. Shown here is a single collage, made from left over drawings, that was part of my installation Guest Guide Book 1992 (the first version), made in homage to Gordy Richardson, for the University of Dayton alumni exhibition Remembering Gordy 1992.



January 20, 2017

With its fan structure (giving the impression of solidity when fully open and at the same time existing in the fragments of its separate spokes), glossy deep blue palette, and snowy scene of a central but distorted frame house in the midst of bare branched trees, Mercy Snow House ©1996, is about the inevitability of loss. The fan shape and its possibilities interest me. I looked at examples of advertising fans – popular as a promotional giveaway items before air conditioning was common. In my piece, the word mercy is used instead of the name of a product, business or candidate.



January 12, 2017

On a spring afternoon in 1992, my 6 year old daughter came up the stairs to my 3rd floor studio as I was finishing this drawing. Neil Young’s song Only Love Can Break Your Heart was playing on the radio. A line from this song captured my attention. I wrote I was always thinking across the top of the drawing, and asked my daughter, as she stood next to the drawing board, What am I always thinking about?. Without hesitation, she answered About me. and then about school and about playing. And so, the full title became: I was Always Thinking (about Aurora and about School and Playing) .



January 4, 2017

I appreciate winter as a time to observe the bare branches of trees. Each branch arches away from its supporting branch or from the main trunk, none a straight line, each a variety of curve like those made with a brush, not a ruler. My artists’ book, Branch Torso ©1987, plays with a comparison between a tree trunk,  a human trunk and the letter y (y=?).



December 29, 2016

Sending you warm wishes for good fortune and happiness in the new year with this sketchbook study for LuckE 1 ©2009.



December 21, 2016

In this detail from a test drawing c 2008: some of my favorite vocabulary items: a furry oak leaf, human blood pattern, concentric circles, handwritten letters/numbers from a scientific diagram are drawn over a street map of my neighborhood. Also making an appearance- my house, unmoored- to float or to be swept away across the implied movement of the many semi-transparent layers.



December 14, 2016

This morning the first snow of the season fell delicately on the overgrown taxus branches outside my kitchen window. As the temperatures rose slightly it turned to rain. On this grey morning, close to the year’s end, I share with you this detail from my artists' book Rain Comes in July, ©1999, that imagines rain as a visitor with super powers of invisibility and being in more than one place at a time.

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